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The Single Life

So I've been at my apartment for a month. I still have yet to use the stove, but I'd like to at some point. The problem, which is the overarching problem with the whole apartment, is that the stove is old, meager, and sort of tucked away in a corner. Likewise, the pipes are rusting, the light switches are covered with half an inch of paint, and one of the windows doesn't stay open more than about four inches.

Despite that, I have to say that I'm enjoying being at the apartment. For a while leading up to my move my knees were sort of aching and my back has been sore. While that hasn't cleared up fully, the aches and pains have become far less frequent and sharp. I believe this is probably because I'm only spending upwards of 45 minutes on the road (and covering about 10 miles) as opposed to two and a half hours and 120 miles. Not only do I not have to concentrate on driving nearly as much every day, I don't spend as much time in a car which is, unfortunately, a little bit on the small side for a person of my size.

I feel as though I've been losing some weight recently, due to slightly elevated levels of excersize and a general reduction in available junk food to snack on. Now that I have full control over the foods available for me to eat, I tend to only get things like granola bars as snacks. While it's sort of annoying that I often have to park up to a mile from my apartment, it's also a reasonable amount of excersize to start off with.

So, overall, feeling good about where I am right now. What I'm still murky on, though, is where to head towards from here.

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