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There are these commercials for soccer every so often. They compare the sport to other sports by (essentially) saying things like "football requires accuracy... soccer requires accuracy. See? They're the same..." And then "You're a fan, you just don't know it yet."

The obvious fallacy here is that I've seen soccer games and I'm still not a fan, and I'm pretty sure I know it. While watching the commercial and reflecting on why that is, it boils down to something pretty simple. If soccer tried to compare themselves to any sport in regards to SCORING... they'd fall completely flat against baseball, football, and basketball. Sure, they actually compare pretty favorably to hockey, but the hockey viewership over the course of an entire season is probably dwarfed by the viewership of the Superbowl. And besides, the commercials attempt to compare soccer to baseball, basketball, and football, not hockey.

So soccer... not that you can address a sport, but damn the torpedos and personification away... if you can start to generate games where the score is.. greater than 1-0... then hey, you might start to get fans! Otherwise, shut the fuck up please.

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