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What we came here for

Here's a to do list with some short and long term items:

1) Write a check for rent. Alternatively: Write out nine checks in order and fill out nine envelopes. Place them in a location that I can find easily and that won't be disturbed easily. Possibly the side cupboard in the kitchen.

2) Buy a standing fan. There is a Staples near my office and one down the street from my apartment, either place should carry them.

3) Buy a nightstand. Consider moving my lamp, or buying a second one to put on the nightstand.

4) Buy a folding card table.

5) Buy a wireless router. Again, Staples should have one.

6) Look in to air conditioning units, although a standing fan and the assessment of how well that works also needs to be done. Specifically in regards to AC, is there something that doesn't need to sit in a window? My windows are barred, theoretically the bars could also be removed, however I'm not sure that I want to reduce the security of my apartment in that manner.

7) Find something for Maggie's birthday.

8) Fill out Mason and Michaela's RSVP and mail it.

9) Ask for time off for both M&M's wedding and Liz's wedding. The former is taking place in, I think, early July, and the latter in early October. Need to comfirm these dates.

10) Take a week vacation just for myself. I could do this centered around an event of some sort that I want to do, or I could just take a week off to veg.

11) Finish cleaning up my room. Specifically, there are some boxes that were used in moving that need to either be brought somewhere else or else broken down and placed in the trash.

12) Look into getting the Heisig book from a source other than Amazon, since they obviously don't carry it.

13) Confirm that my recurring payments are actually being sent to: Comcast, Keyspan, and ???. The third entry should be my electricity bill, but I haven't actually received one yet, which is odd. I do recall that when I spoke with one of the billing companies that they weren't going to start charging me for almost a month, which surprised me at the time, and I assume it was the electric company.

14) Get a checkup at a doctor. I'm obviously overweight and that causes some issues, but I've been feeling some sharp pain in one knee, and various other of my body systems probably could use a once over. This involves determining if there's anything special to do in regards to my health plan coverage vs. what hospitals I can go to. I also need to probably set up some sort of appointment. There is a hospital between my apartment and my office, there's also one on the red line (MGH - Mass General Hospital), I need to determine which one I should or would rather go to.

15) Finish watching GitS: SAC 2nd Gig. I believe I need to watch the last two discs.

16) Look into getting my stereo set back up. Space and neighbors need to be considered here, not to mention available power outlets.

17) Watch more Heroes?

18) Get three stars in Mario Kart.

19) Play through Starcraft and Brood War sometime before SCII comes out.

20) Look into some sort of Internet Go / Poker / Scrabble. Something that's free and can be used to pass the time at work keeping my mind sharper than if I just surf web forums all day (my IQ, it bleeds!).

21) Rewatch some "old classics": Matrix, Seven, Fight Club, Lebowski, Office Space. Maybe have a movie night.

22) Find a LJ community that has user written short stories and read some. Then formulate and write one of my own. Nothing huge, just a page or two to start out.

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