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Yesterday was sort of interesting from a psychological perspective. My grandmother Cass had her 90 year birthday party. Now, I have no bad blood with either of my families, but I've always felt closer to the Ashleys than the Casses. Of course, I've been physically closer to the Ashleys for most of my life... but the Casses always sort of felt like city folk and the Ashleys are more like down-home country folk. So on the one hand I'm sort of ambivalent about the Casses, but on the other hand she's 90, her husband (my grandfather) had died a couple years ago, and there's really nothing much to be lost by going. Of course, I wake up a bit late and I feel sort of like crap, so I feel about 45% like not going at all, but still feel as though it'd be dissapointing to my dad and mom if I didn't show up and via that some compulsion that I should go unless I'm physically unable.

Before leaving I watch some Wimbledon. Maria Sharapova is playing against Ai Kuriyama (probably wrong, Ai something anyways) and both are relatively attractive in certain ways, but with features that are also somewhat negative. Maria is probably more aptly described as "beautiful" whereas Ai doesn't have a great face but has a nice attractively fit body. However, there's a certain something in Maria's face.. a scowl or some level of hardness just beneath the surface which makes her otherwise beautiful features a little bit harsh. It's a decent back and forth match but Maria ends up winning 6-3 6-3.

I leave the apartment around 4:30, which is when the party was supposed to be starting. It's only a half an hour drive or so, but I'm just feeling sub-optimal. I end up showing up and everyone's happy that I'm there. I grab some food and talk with people for a while. The weather's pretty nice so I end up taking route 2 back just to better understand the shape of the road, so to speak. I felt fairly decent and relaxed and that the world was alright.

I get home and I lay down in bed and end up dozing for some amount of time. I wake up around 10:30 or so and I'm just lying in bed watching TV. There's a replay of the Sharapova match and I notice something which starts to annoy me greatly. Now, first of all, I already know which way the match is going to turn out, but even in those cases I'll occasionally feel like rooting for the person that's going to lose, and by extension sort of hoping that they'll win. The annoying thing is that Maria has a lead in to each serve which I find similar to Nomar, who I also find painfully annoying. Maria first starts by doing this hopping/skipping thing while bouncing the ball with her racket. Then she holds the ball and clears a couple strands of hair from her face. Then she slowly and deliberately bounces the ball twice on the court with her hand. Then she serves. When I saw the first match I only noticed her doing the hop/skip thing once and thought it was sort of cute. But then watching the match again I noticed that she has that "special" sort of Nomar OCD where she does the ritual before every goddamned serve. Now, Ai did something like bounce the ball with her hand four or five times and then she'd serve, so theoretically she has a ritual as well. The difference is that Ai's ritual takes one second and then, bam, serve. Maria's ritual is always 100% the same moves and the same length and it's like ten seconds long. So I was watching that and I was getting really annoyed with her, and I was also annoyed with myself because I felt decent about her earlier and now I found her annoying and it created two opposites of opinion about the same person.

So I get some sleep and wake up today and I feel alright. There's a little shindig of some sort going on in Freetown but I just feel like chilling at home and that's what I did.

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