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Patriots and patriots

I always thought it was a little bit ironic that the Patriots started winning around the same time that America entered it's "War On Terror" period. Namely, war-hawking and chest thumping and meeting foreigners and killing them are always "patriotic" acts, partaken of by "patriots", and here in football we see the Patriots winning.

Of course, the reason Bush had us invade Iraq was a lie, cheating if you will. The act of a patriot invested in seeing his team "win". Culturally there has been a shift, patriotism is no longer the in thing. These days the debate is whether it will be a woman or a non-caucasian man that attains the Oval Office. Likewise, a black head coach won the first Superbowl and the Patriots have a potential stain of dishonesty about the means by which they've gone about winning.

Now don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed watching the Pats when Bledsoe was the QB and could never get the job done. I'm no disciple of Brady or Bellechik, even though I think at least one of those two probably wasn't cheating. (But really, who knows?) What really burns me at the core is that Bellechik has been praised as a Hall of Fame coach and a mastermind at defense, but what if his real mastery was simply being able to read his opponent like a ... video?

Ah well, this is not the time for patriots, but for change.

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