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Ascension log

I'm going to reply to this post with my daily exploits attempting to ascend in Kingdom of Loathing. Hopefully this will help me get my runs down faster. The people that would read my journal probably won't really gather much from this, but this post is basically just for me anyways.

I hope to become more granular with my turn analysis, but as it was only half an hour before rollover I wanted to get as far as I could today.

Day 1

Ascend as a Hardcore No Path Accordion Thief.

40 Turns left.

Familiar: Hunchbacked Minion (I've been sort of trying to get 90%+ runs for a trophy, so this might not change too often, and I realize that that's not especially optimal, but I'm not going to worry about it too much.)
Ability: +meat drops and +stat gains

First, visit Toot, get my letter, open it. I'm a gatherer so it pains me to sell potentially valuable items, and I don't sell my gems. I'm going to be using a Leprechaun type familiar for most of this run anyways.

Equip my accordion and pants.

Sleazy back alley - spend about three or four turns, a three bums, three Mad Train wine. One bum cheek, equip it.

Lucre: Outskirts. This is a nice low level place with some useful drops, so I take the bounty.

Spend roughly 30 turns, bounty complete, I'm at level 3. I've collected about four Chef's Hats, and I'm wearing it both for the extra MP and the MP regen. I'm probably going to have to build a Chef, unless the RNG royally screws me. At which point, I might just use a clover if any are available. Due to the nice new holiday my food skills are only 7 mana, so I summon three cocktail garnishes over these turns, and get.. 3 coconuts. Yeah, the RNG gives me oodles of Umbrellas as a Muscle class, so.. screw you RNG. One choice adventure gives me 4 Moxie and a Lemon.

Spooky forest

Takes about 6 adventures for the larva to come up. I need to drink my Mad Train wines, 4adv each.

Go back to the council, open the Tavern. Just from meat drops (plus one 300 meat drop noncombat in Spooky forest and the 500 for the Larva) I have about 1400 meat and something like 11 Moxie, so I open the trainer up, eating three Spooky Mushrooms along the way (3,3,2 adv). I learn and cast Madrigal and open the rest of the guild up.

I eat three cottage cheeses.

I start checking the Rat cellar. I realize I never got the rest of the Artist's items so I snag the Pantry and Alley items and sell the whiskers for meat for HPs. I find the faucet at about the 7th square and close it. I've picked up a drunk a Sir Schlitz and now I drink one of my reward drinks, bringing me to 13 drunk. I have about 7 adventures and 2 mintues before rollover.

I quickly reassemble my clover, buy a casino pass (had 1100 meat, down to 1000), snag a Rock. Autosell my muscle and myst spleen items (and eat a Moxie item getting me to level 4, council - boss bat quest aquired). Buy three gums, fish for a Pasta spoon, fish for Spices, fish for Worthless. Buy a Hermit Permit, buy a Smithing hammer, get a Roll from the Hermit, smith my Rock'n'Roll Legend, and then blow all my mana on my 1MP Madrigals (this holiday IS actually pretty useful).

Eat one or two more Cottage Cheese (mostly full, no time to buy a Fortune Cookie and test/get numbers). Equip Bum Cheek. Head to the Bat Cave.

Fight about five bats, get two Sonar. 30 seconds until rollover. Sonar, sonar. Attack a Bean Bat with 10 seconds left, the fight actually ends after time has been declared up, but I'm not kicked off yet.

Oh shit, not over 15 drunk, quickly click to inventory, consumables, drink one other Tavern reward, it appears to go through. Sit staring at the screen a bit but I'm not being auto-kicked out, after maybe 10 seconds I log out.

Thoughts: I wanted to sit down and really plan this out, but when I finally got going I didn't have a lot of time, so I just blazed through. I do wish I could have bought a Fortune cookie to eat, if possible, and that I could somehow have taken advantage of the holiday to summon my sauces and pasta, but with no time to autosell stuff for MP regen, I couldn't. However, being level 4 on Day 1 (even if it is a stat day) is my personal best and it looks like this run might turn out decently.

Skill planned to aquire: Torso Awaregness. Yeah, it's controversial, but to me it has two advantages. One: extra stats and damage reduction are always useful. Two: It burns me that I didn't get the Hilarious T-Shirt on Sneaky Pete's day, and I'm a collector at heart, so I'm going to rectify this ASAP.

I had planned on going back in to a TT loop, since TT has about four or five more skills that I'd like to get, but I have to admit that AT's songs are really sexy (this is my first AT run, I've been TT, PM, S, DB, and SC (BM), and then TT and TT). It's still way too early to really choose and I suspect I'll go back to TT, just because, if anything, it's HARDER than a moxie class. Once I've gotten my Muscle and Myst skills, I suspect Moxie runs are going to be insanely fast by comparison.

It's already midnight, so I could log back in, but I'm a bit burned out from lack of sleep this week, so I think I'm just going to head to bed. I'll reply to this post tomorrow detailing what happens next.

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