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Land of the Hotel..

So I guess my laptop had to be shipped to some HP factory in California for repairs. The tech guessed that it should be done within a day or two but she didn't have any hard dates or information. However, she said it should be shipped back to my house directly once it's done. Oh well, it's not really killing me to not have it, and I've been spending more "quality time" with Geo.. it'll be nice to have it back though.

I still need to order the Utena stuff. It looks like the first "saga" is currently only available as two discs, but then the Black Rose saga is available in a box. Kinda odd. Oh well. It's sorta annoying, I keep wanting to watch the GTO stuff, but I just never really get around to it. Even when I have free time and think about it, I don't. I want to at least get through the first box. I think the series has potential, but it hasn't been riotously funny, nor devilishly devious yet.

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