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Day 2.

Starting turns: 46

Check Lucre bounty.. Degrassi Knoll. Yeah, that sounds good. I have the Meatcar quest, so unlocking the Beach will give me access to the Gnomad camp. Accept bounty, start adventuring.

Familiar: Jumpsuited Hound Dog (this is somewhat counter to what I said yesterday, but since I need Car Parts, a Fairy it is.)

Summon Candy Heart: Pink, Lavender

Degrassi Gnoll: piebaker (pie tin, dough, skewer); one-eyed gnoll; Gnollish Workshop (spring, cog, sprocket); plungemaster (plunger); guard bugbear; war chef (mushroom, mushroom); flyslayer; gearhead (toolbox, 1of6 rag); (open toolbox.. empty meat tank, score); piebaker (pie tin); Toga Party (willer, willer); gearhead (toolbox, 2of6 rag); Toga Party; Crossdresser; one-eyed gnoll; tirejuggler (tires, teeth.. ok, now I have what I need, back to the Hunchback).

Assemble my Meat Engine. Oh yeah, I need rims. Time to go fishing. 3 gum. No worthless. 3 more gum. Worthless on the first adventure (saving the other two gum for now). Hermit. Note that 2 clovers are available today. If I get to the Tower, I might have to snag those for brains. Anyways, assemble the rest of my Meatcar, unlock Beach.

Talk to Gnorbert. Still a ways from being able to do this quest yet.

Microbrew - Ram's Face Lager. 165 meat for 1 drunk, 1-4adv, 8-10musc. A bit steep and it's not really a stat that I care about, but it's still better than a Willer, should I need 1 drunkeness.

Ok, time to grind the rest of the bounty out.

Degrassi - toga party; toga party; war chef (slotted spoon, mushroom); guard bugbear; workshop; gearhead (toolbox, 3of6 rag); toga party; notice I finally have 10mp, summon cocktail: umbrella (sigh); workshop; workshop; crossdresser (skirt, wig.. score!); piebaker (pie tin, dough, pie server); flyswatter (flyswatter, teeth); one-eyed gnoll; tirejuggler (tires); gearhead (toolbox, 4of6 rag); war chef (mushroom, mushroom); toga party; summon garnish: umbrella (why not); crossdresser; crossdresser; gearhead (toolbox, 5of6 rag); piebaker (pie tin, dough, pie server); crossdresser; tirejuggler (tires); piebaker (dough); plungemaster; flyslayer (flyswatter).

I'm down to 1 adventure and I'm not exactly sure what I have to cook with. I didn't get an enchanted bean yesterday, so I need to get one of those, plus a pepper so I can get Indigestion. I have plenty of weak booze and raw food at this point, so I'm going to see what I can do to cook stuff. I think jumping beans would be more suitable for Moxie, but enchanted beans are much easier to aquire, of course.

Normally I would have hit the Barrels already, but my Moxie is only a small ways off from being able to hit the top tier mimics, so I wanted to see how much more Moxie I could get. Turns out, not too much. I blow a little mana on Mariachi Mood (since I'm at 9) and drink a Willer to get to 10 mana. Last garnish: umbrella. Well at least the RNG is consistent.

Beanbat chamber - beanbat (enchanted bean)

Drink Willer - 2adv (woot), 4mana.\

Sewer - Worthless. Woot. Hermit for a Pepper.

I check my guild, I get both Fernswarthy's quest and the LEW quest. Since I've already bought my hammer and oven, the 1k goes to a cocktail kit.

Ok, I have a few paths here. I can slug a few Willers (or Ram's Head) and cook my Insanely Spicy Enchanted Bean Burrito. Or I could hit the Cemetary to open the tower, at which point I could attempt to get a clover for a Brain and make a Chef. Or I could spend a few turns (and booze) at the Barrel to make some Supercocktails. Hm. My Moxie ain't growing much bigger today, so... Barrel first.

Barrel - Screwdriver. Score, I know where the booze is at. Mix a Slip'n'Slide and drink for 12adv and 35musc. Next barrel.. asplode. Whiskey and Cola. Mimic (beaten up). Yeah, screw you too RNG. 9 Adventures left, 3 beaten up. Hm. Guess I'll cook my Burrito. Naturally, it's a Level 5 food, and I'm only halfway across level 4 at this point. Sigh. Right. Ok, I still need one more rag, and I have some booze to drink and food to eat, so back to Degrassi.

Degrassi - war chef (mushroom, skewer); guard bugbear (beanie).

Cook two mushroom kabobs. Eat and: 4adv 9musc, 5adv 7musc.

Degrassi - crossdresser; flyslayer; crossdresser (wig); guard bugbear; gnollish workshop; plungemaster (plunger); tirejuggler (tires); gearhead (toolbox, 6of6 rag, thank god).

Ok, I'm at 180/231 towards level 5 with 4 turns, 6 drunkeness, and maybe 2 fullness. I'd like to get there today, but I might not. The Lucre took a while, plus I had to aquire my oven and cocktailcrafting kit today. Tomorrow the latter steps won't be there, so I'll be able to focus more easily on making food and booze. Let's see, I want to get both clovers for two brains, two skulls, and a box. I coooould try to get Lenses but it's not usually something I bother with, although at that point I'd need a second box and a third brain and skull, the former of which would come down to luck to aquire. Hm. I have a Lemon from yesterday. I could go fishing for booze from tier 2 of the Barrel, but I have all the parts for a Lemon Meringue Pie, so cook that (and summon one Scrumptious Reagent). Pie: 7adv, 8musc. Notice I have 10myst, equip my Shiny Ring.

I decide that I want to get level 5 and do some raw grinding. I have 39 Moxie, so set AOT to 7, hit Ratbat Burrow. Small chance of getting a good 1h ranged weapon, which will allow me to farm Pixels. If not, oh well.

Ratbats - batrat; ratbat; batrat; batrat; drink Whiskey and Cola 5adv 5myst 6mox 15mp; ratbat (rat appendix); batrat; ratbat; batrat (bat wing, rat gut); ratbat. Level 5!

Eat burrito: 10adv, 35myst, the Chronic.

Hit council. I had gotten the Encryption Key yesterday, so open up the Knob. Ok, level 5, 14 adventures, 6 drunk, something like 5 fullness. I need to open up Fernswarthy, but I also want to get a couple clovers. Since the tower will still be there tomorrow, let's try to get two Worthless.

Sewer - Worthless. Buy 3 gum. Pants. Worthless. Aquire 2 clovers, dissasemble them. Ok, on to the Cemetary.

Cemetary - kick AOT to 10 (Moxie 41). Lihc (eye); Grave Mistake; zmobie (loose teeth); switch to Hound Dog; grave rober (no drop.. sigh); smart skleton (smart skull.. score); zobmie (cranberries); lihc (eye); zobmie; zmobie (cranberries); skleleton (bone); smart skelton (smart skull, woot); ghuol. Out of adventures, might hit the Microbrew. Let's see. Just eat Cottage Cheese (7 fullness?). skeleleton (teeth, bone); zobmie (cranberries). Out of adventures again. Hm. Reagent Pasta is Level 6, so while I *could* farm the Kitchens a bit, it won't help me today. I have about 10 Willers left, plus one Tavern reward which I'm attempting to save for some Ice Cubes. There's also the expensive but possibly decent adventure giving booze at the microbrew. Foodwise, I have cranberries and Knoll Mushrooms. I'm out of Skewers. Hm, I have one or two pie tins and a couple lihc eyes, so I guess I'll make lihc eye pie. I'll drink a Ram's Face first. 2adv 10musc. Meh. I've miscalculated my fullness (not really too surprised since I wasn't really paying much attention) so I can't eat the pie. OK, plan 2, buy Fortune cookies and see if I have any room at all.

Lucky numbers: 21, 177, 10
Lucky numbers: 35, 270, 10

10 Adventures until my semi-rare. Hm. Probably will hit the Harem for the rubbing oil. Also, ok, my fullness is full. 2 adventures, 10 drunk. I could spend about 600 meat on more Ram's Face, but I'm thinking I might just drink some Willers instead. (I don't have a Hobo, so that's not a consideration. I do have a Ghost, but for now the Chef's hat is probably fine.) Added bonus of drinking the Willers: I should be able to summon 2 or 3 dry noodles without spending Meat for MP.

6 Adventures, 14 drunk, 15full. Might as well try to open Fernswarthy. zmobie (teeth); zmobie (cranberries, teeth); smart skelton (smart skull.. maybe useful, who knows); smart skelton (smart skull... need shovel damnit); ghuol (egg); grave rober (shovel.. RNG thumbs it's nose at me because I'm out of adventures now.) Well, I have the shovel for tomorrow and a pie lined up to eat already. My nightcap possibilities are a Willer, Ram's Face, or my one Tavern Reward left. I'm going to gamble and go for the Ram's Face. Actually, I can spend 100 meat for an IPA, which is a better choice, so I go for that. 5 adventures gained, not bad. Falling down drunk.

I have about 4 adventures left before my semi-rare and need to farm the Harem anyways, so tomorrow I should start off adventuring there.

Closing thoughts

I got to level 5 today. I think that concentrated leveling might have gotten me to 6 instead, but I want to farm Lucre. Yes, I have the Hound Dog, but I have some Diamond tendencies and want to get the book too. I'm thinking I might break up the long Dog grind (just got it yesterday) by getting some number of pieces of the BH Outfit.

Tomorrow I'll attempt to get to level 6 and farm some Reagent Pastas. Unfortunately, the Cheese won't be available to me for a while, but offstats are still vaguely useful (for max hp/mp) and the adventure gains are excellent, especially compared to the effort to aquire and make them. I also need to open the Tower and make, at minimum, a Meat Maid and a Chef in a Box (which should probably happen before I make my pastas).

I used my Hound Dog for a good portion of the day today, and it's item drop ability is quite noticable. I suppose I should point out that when I list items after a fight, I'm not differentiating between drops and pickpockets, as I pickpocketed a good deal of items. Nevertheless, the Hound is well worth using, and I think I won't concern myself too heavily with a 90% familiar run this run.

I didn't get any eyepatches or else I might have weened myself off the Chef's hat, but as it stands that's still my best hat option. However, once I've gotten a better hat I'll also have to start mixing the Ghost in, and probably feed it a Reagent Pasta.

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