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Day 3

As an aside, LJ doesn't support comments big enough to hold all that I typed, so it's just going to be straight journal entries I guess.

Level 5, 86/441 to level, 10 mana. Bounties: briquettes (no), receipts (quite possible), goat idols (would be excellent but I'm not sure if I could open the goatlet today). So... probably the Treasury. This is still good, because I'll get some beans to make burritos and a lot of Meat, for whatever that's needed for. I also haven't been using my Pixie yet this run, I should probably start. Even if only for the Fancy Ball Masque, although Pipe stats and adventures might be useful.

Alright, so my order of business is: spend 4 turns in the Harem to get the massage oil and hopefully some of the outfit. Open Fernswarthy and make a chef and Meat Maid. Collect my Lucre with my Hunchback and also maybe get some Pipes, Absinthe depending.

Familiar - Hound Dog

Harem - Girl (pants); switch to Pixie; choice adventure (veil); note that my Moxie is not safe, drop AOT to 5 from 10; girl (veil); Carry that weight (7 musc); semi-rare (3 massage oil).

Cemetary - back to 10 on AOT; zobmie; summon garnish: coconut; Grave Situation.

Hm, Temporal Rift is open. But I want to make a Meat Maid and a Chef. I personally like to get the Manual, but since I have two Clovers I'm thinking I'll just blow them now. The other possibility would be to try to get the Manual and wait until then to use the Clovers, on the chance that I fight some Brains. Hm. Speed, so.. clovers.

Fernswarthy's Tower - clover, clover. Right, I need the Untinker's screwdriver. To Degrassi.

Degrassi - Toga Party (willer, willer); War Chef (mushroom, mushroom); Screwdriver.

Untinker Meat Car. Make my Meat Maid and install her. Now to make a chef I actually need a box from the Clowns.

The "Fun" House - Scary Clown (long balloon); lemon-in-the-box; shaky clown (clown nose, absinthe finally); bugbear-in-the-box (beanie, absinthe.. switching to Hound Dog now); creepy clown (foolscap); disease-in-the-box (disease); lemon-in-the-box (lemon.. sigh); disease-in-the-box (box.. finally).

Summon garnishes: umbrella, ice cubes. Finally can mix that Tavern Reward. Mix a Perpendicular Hula. 12adv, 36moxie. AOT to 0, Hunchback equipped, hit the Barrel. Vodka Martini; Screwdriver; Strawberry Wine; Asplode. Left at 1 hp, buy two Ointment, get back to 19/27. Make a Slip'n'Slide. 15adv, 34musc. Make my Chef, install him.

Ok, 44 Moxie, I can run AOT at 7. On to the Treasury.

Treasury - Lab Key; Bean Counter (beans, 1of17 receipt); Bean Counter (2of17); Guard; Counter (3of17); 500 meat; Guard (pants); lets me kick AOT to 10 so I do; Counter (4of17); Counter (meat stack, 5of17); 300 meat; Counter (beans, 6of17); Counter (7of17); Guard; Counter (beans, 8of17); Guard; 500 meat; Counter (beans, 9of17); remember that I'm not using Absinthe... as a Muscle class fighting low level scaling monsters is easy. For Myst classes pretty easy too. For a raw Moxie class however.. hmm. I'd probably need to have my Chronic Indigestion full. Keep adventuring here: Counter (10of17); 300 meat; Counter (beans, 11of17); Counter (beans, 12of17); Guard; Guard; Counter (beans, 13of22); Counter (meat stack, beans, 14of17); 500 meat; Guard; Guard; Counter (15of17); Guard; Guard; Guard; Guard; 300 meat; 500 meat; 500 meat; Guard (RNG hate); Counter (visor, 16of17); Counter (meat stack, 17of17).

Collect my Lucre, eat my lihc eye pie from yesterday: 10adv, 12Myst, Eye of the Lihc (slight spooky resistance). Hm, didn't realize the pie gave that effect. Well, I'm not too concerned with spooky damage, and realize I can mix a Pink Pony, so I do. 15adv, 27musc, 9mox. 32 adventures left and almost certainly able to get to level 6, so time to start farming the Kitchen I guess. I care more about level 6 than about food drops, because I can theoretically just make a couple bean burritos if absolutely neccesary, and Reagent Pastas need level 6. So Hunchback still in tow and AOT set to 10, off to the Kitchens.

Kitchens - Chef (dough, sausage); Master; Chef (dough, sausage). Hm, I have my two Reagent foods already. I think I'm going to detour into the Bat Cave for my third Sonar and then work on the Boss Bat.

Guano Junction - perpendicular bat (wing, gut, sonar). Well that was easy. Hm, the britches are a slight upgrade over my Elite Knob pants, and I only have two accessory slots in use so far. I'm thinking I'll get the Bling, even though sometime down the road it will most likely become obsolete. So AOT set to 8 and to the Lair I go.

Boss Bat Lair - bodyguard; bodyguard; bodyguard; bodyguard; Boss Bat (dense meat stack, bandana, bling).

I realize I only have two drunkeness left today for 14, so I slug down two Willers.

Ok, I'm certainly going to get level 6 and be able to eat two Reagent Pastas today, so the question is just where to spend the turns to get the level. I could farm the Kitchens for more food, the Thugnderdome for a possible Clockwork Crossbow, or I could just manufacture a Starchy Crossbow (I'm thinking about 8-bit here, I need a 1handed ranged weapon), I could fight in the Lab for.. seltzer I guess.. I could run the Rift, since the stat gains there tend to be decent, I could farm the Harem (though I might just Clover the perfume). I also need to open Spookyraven, but I think I'll wait until I'm already level 6. There is the unbelievably slight chance that the Battlefield will yield an ultrarare, for shits and giggles I'll run a couple adventures there.

Battlefield - Turn of the Coat 47myst; What is it Good For? 15moxie; The Real Thing 42musc; Confusing the Issue 50moxie, Level.

Make and eat two spaghetti with Skullheads. 25adv, 51musc; and... too full? Ah, Lihc eye pie is 4 fullness. Damn. Well then. Bean Burritos it is. 6adv 11musc. Hm, 13 fullness. I can either eat a two fullness item or two fortune cookies.

Lucky numbers: 7, 102, 280
Lucky numbers: 67, 102, 218

Turns played 254
Semirare at 356

The Friars quest is now open, and clovers are available today. I also need to get Dingy Planks and open the Island. And open Spookyraven. So I'll address everything listed here before the Friars.

Sewer - club; disco mask; worthless; worthless. Planks, Clover. Hm, I can buy two more clovers today. Do I want to? Mmmm... probably. But first.

Harem - clover adventure (perfume, 300 meat, 20musc). Assess my stats with the Outfit on. The King is ML57, safe moxie 64. I have 53 moxie with the Harem Outfit on. His Cape would be a great accessory to get, but would require an AOT of 7, effectively making his ML 64 and safe moxie 71. With hairspray I have 58 moxie. I haven't used my Penguin or Ghost at all, so I can't really count on good damage from them. Ultimately what I seem to be saying here is that I'm actually going to hold off on the King for now, even though it's still good to have the Perfume for when I need it. Ok, shore at Large Donkey I guess.

Large Donkey - Lucky Break (cast, 13mox); Sappy (3 Ice Cubes.. score); Break (cast, 15mox); pure snow (13mox); break (cast, 11mox). Dinghy plans. Open the Island.

Hm, 34 adventures, no drunk or fullness left. I could try to get some pipes I guess. What to do in between. Guess I'll work on the Friars, their new buffs are actually pretty useful.

Dark Neck - P Imp; remember to use Absinthe (10 turns left); Hellion; 9 turns left. I'm thinking I might rethink my gear and try to get my Musc up... mmmm well let's give this a shot and see if I get murdered. Dome - Aph. Well that works, back to Neck. W Imp (Ruby W); W Imp (Ruby W, Wussiness Potion); P Imp (hot wing). 5 turns on Absinthe, Mansion, Approach the Cat. Back to Neck. W Imp (Ruby W); P Imp (hot wing, Imp Ale); W Imp (Ruby W, Wussiness Potion). 1 turn of Absinthe left, get Pipe, 30musc, 20myst, 28mox, 6adv. Drink my other Absinthe, Neck. Hellion (Cube, nice). Dome, Aph. W Imp (Imp Ale); Hellion; P Imp (hot wing); switch to my Ghost and feed it three Hot Wings, black cat fight, Slimer gives me 9mp; approach the cat; back to Hunchback, Hellion (cube); P Imp (hot wing, Imp Ale); Pipe 29musc, 24myst, 21musc, 12adv. I'm out of Absinthe now... I guess I could switch to my Pixie. I do that. Friar no More (150 meat); Hellion (cube, absinthe).

Hm, apparently I never did open the Manor, let's get that done. Macaroni (magicalness-in-a-can); Cut down (razor lid, 50 meat); Tresspasser (waiting for.. magicalness can); can of tomatoes (tomato); meat blob (3 meat paste); can of tomatoes (tomato, absinthe.. ok back to Hunchback); Oh No Hobo (the business - 7 meat, 4myst, 3mox); blob (2 meat paste); asparagus (lid, knife, stalk.. I do have Dr. Hobo's map, but a melee weapon isn't very useful to me anyways); Manor. I also still need to get the Temple opened, however I'm already past the point where the Spooky Woods would help me, so I'm not going to worry about it now I guess. I'll have better food and drink later which will make the loss of turns less painful. Back to the Neck.

Dark Neck of the Woods - drink Absinthe, Dodecagram; use my Ghost, Aph. back to Hunchback; Dark Heart - P Imp; Archfiend (demon skin); P Imp (hot wing); use Ghost, Usher (7mp blast/moxious); Approach the Cat, back to Hunchback; G Imp; P Imp (hot wing); Pipe 22musc, 30myst, 25mox, 6adv; I could try to get a Ball Masque now, or another Pipe for tomorrow, but I want to get my adventuring done today, so I'll just spend the remainder of my turns at the Dark X. P Imp (hot wing); On Wings of Fire (2 hot wings); Archfiend (demon skin, Evil Golden Arch); P Imp (Imp Ale, cane); P Imp (Imp Ale); G Imp (hot wing); P Imp (cane); P Imp (Imp Ale, cane); Archfiend; G Imp (hot wing, Imp Ale); G Imp; P Imp (hot wing, Imp Ale); G Imp (hot wing); mix a Rockin' Wagon; G Imp (hot wing).

AAAAAAAAAAAnd I'm out of adventures. This day took a looooong time to play.

Closing thoughts.

I started playing at about 3pm and it's about 8pm now. Granted, I did my laundry and half watched TV, so I wasn't entirely focused. The point is that I don't really have a lot of closing thoughts, because everything was so spread out. Only two things come to mind: I didn't pick up the other two clovers, but I'm not 100% sure I need them (though one for the NS Skeleton dice would be nice). I also didn't use my last absinthe, but that's mainly because I want to get this thing done today. I'm halfway through level 6, with any luck (ie: getting Moxie food and drink tomorrow) I might even be able to make level 8. That's about it for now.

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