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Day 4

35/48hp, 28/29mp, 57 turns to start

Semirare at 356 turns, I'm at 332 turns now, so in 24 turns I'll need to get a semirare somewhere. This equates to a Mariachi Mood of 9. Since I've already gotten massage oil, I assume it won't trigger again until I've gotten another couple semirares, so that's out of the picture for now. The Kitchens lets you get a full Elite outfit, which will be useful for the NS familiars, so I guess I'll go for that one. Plus, if there's an extra turn or two spent there, it won't be wasted (theoretically) because of the possible food drops.

Check Lucre hunting today - Triffid Bark and Orcish Frat Boys. I'd rather farm Hippies, but I think the Frat Boys are the better option over the Triffid Bark. While I need the Temple to be unlocked, the chances of spending another 20-30 turns in a 2-3 stat gain zone is not appealing.

I have one spaghetti with skullheads and the materials for a few Hell Ramen, but I'm going to see if I can gain access to the Goatlet today for Milk of Magnesium. If not, no big deal, I'll just eat the food I have.

I also need to grind some pixels out. It always seems to take an extra day's adventures at level 12 for me to get my key and RPPs. If I could get them while they're still worth reasonable stats, that'd be useful. I have two options to consider (since I need a 1h Ranged weapon to be able to access the zone). I can either smith a starchy crossbow (and maybe then a curdflinger) or I could use my Badger for a mushroom, at which point I take a mediocre trip and Violet Fog for a Cerebral Crossbow. Since the Astral route will get me some stats and possibly cupcakes, I think that's what I'll do. So, farm Frats with Astral Badger until one mushroom drops, use it and get the crossbow, then finish farming the Lucre and get some pixels.

As an aside, the Lucre today is vaguely annoying. I could be farming the Friars to unlock their bonus while getting mushrooms, but instead I either have to farm a really low level zone or else a zone that doesn't really drop anything I need for anything. I wouldn't mind much if it was Hippies since they have tambourine bells (even though I could probably make a rattle) and the Hippy outfit, for access to fruits and herbs. Anyways... equip Badger and off to the Frats (AOT 10).

Summon garnishes (2): ice cubes, umbrella.

Frat House - I Just Wanna Fly; Frat Boy; Frat Boy (schlitz); Frat Boy; Frat Boy (gin); Frat Boy (gin); Frat Boy; Frat Boy; Frat Boy (paddle); Frat Boy (fotie); Frat Boy (roofie); Frat Boy (schlitz); Frat Boy; Frat Boy (roofie, mushroom.. took a while).

I can take a Mediocre Trip with AOT at 6, so I set it to that. I use my Hunchback for stat gains.

Mediocre Trip - Violet Fog first adventure. Sweet. I wander for a while and eventually get my crossbow. Map string is 6d040001005e6db100000000104d80000. Urge to Stare at Your Hands; Best Carpet Ever; Visible Music (orange cupcake - +3stats per fight. seems useful, hm. save it for 8-bit I guess); Eyes Staring At You. And that's it for being Half-Astral for now. Back to the Frats and AOT at 10, using the Hunchback. Semirare soon.

Frat Boys - Frat Boy (paddle); Frat Boy (gin, cargo shorts); swap to my Cerebral crossbow since I don't need RnR's moxie, Frat Boy (deodorant); Frat Boy. Quick swap to Kitchens in case my calculations are off. Master Chef; Knob Elite Guard Captain (Knob Elite outfit). Back to Frats. Frat Boy (schlitz, roofie); Frat Boy (roofie); Frat Boy; Frat Boy; Frat Boy (schlitz); Frat Boy (baseball cap, that should complete the outfit for if I go Frat in the war); Frat Boy (24 of 34, fwiw); Frat Boy; Frat Boy; Frat Boy (vodka, paddle); Frat Boy; Frat Boy (vodka, frilly skirt); Frat Boy; Frat Boy; Frat Boy (schlitz); Frat Boy (fotie) and also Level 7!; Frat Boy (deodorant and Lucre done).

Hm, so the Crypt is the next area. It seems very unlikely that I'll get to the Goatlet today, at least with turns to burn, so I might eat my food, but first let's farm the Barrel for base drinks.

Barrels - martini; whiskey and soda; screwdriver; strawberry daiquiri. These take 2 umbrella, 1 coconut, and 1 icecube for mixers, which I have. I wish there were more moxie drinks though. Make a perpendicular hula - 13adv 35mox. Mix a sump'm sump'm - 11adv 27myst 9mox. I'll wait on my other drinks for now. Let's see, time to farm pixels I guess. Switch to my Hound Dog.

8-bit (3 pixels dropped unless otherwise noted - buzzy beetle; keese; koopa troopa; blooper (I consider using that orange cupcake.. nah, I'll save it for a place with more stats); bullet bill; tektite (w,u pix); zol; keese; blooper; octorok; koopa troopa; bullet bill; buzzy beetle; tektite; check Mystic, effectively 17 white pix, keese; keese; zol (2g); tektite; buzzy beetle; bullet bill; buzzy beetle (r,w); koopa troopa (g,w); octorok; blooper; tektite. This gives me my key. I still need 3-4 RPPs though. Bullet bill; koopa troopa (g,b); zol; octarok (2r.. feh); buzzy beetle (r .. jeez); bullet bill; keese.

Out of adventures, make 3 Hell Ramen, eat two. 24adv, 28musc, 23myst, 28mox; 24adv, 24musc, 27myst, 25mox.

8-bit - blooper; buzzy beetle (r); bullet bill; tektite (u,b); zol; keese (2u); blooper; octorok (2r). Good enough, I have the massage oil if I really need it, 3RPPs should be good when combined with a gauze garter or the like otherwise.

Dark Heart - use Hunchback, Archfiend (golden arch); P Imp; P Imp; Archfiend (demon skin); archfiend (golden arch, demonskin); P Imp (hot wing, Imp Ale); archfiend (golden arch); P Imp (hot wing); I need mana so using my Ghost, feeding it 13 of hot wings first, G Imp (8mp blast); P Imp (hot wing, 6mp); G Imp (hot wing, 7mp); P Imp (hot wing, 10mp 6mp blasts); archfiend (golden arch, 5mp 6mp, stomach growling); make and install evil golden arches, get a LotF Fries, feed that and 3 hot wings to Slimer, archfiend (demon skin, 8mp); archfiend; Birthday Candles. Freaking finally. I'd hate to go back and look at the turns I've spent here already, but since this is a Necessary Quest and the stat gains are about right for my level, I guess it's alright. Anyways, on to....

Dark Elbow - L Imp (10mp); L Imp; G Imp (hot wing); L Imp (cast); demonninja (fraudwort, demon skin, 8mp); L Imp (6mp); G Imp (Imp Ale); L Imp (Imp Ale); L Imp (Imp Ale, 10mp); demoninja (demon skin, 9mp); G Imp (Imp Ale, 11mp, stomach growl); demoninja (11mp, growl); my mp's ok and my Hunchback's heavier, so switch back to him for stats, G Imp (Imp Ale); demoninja (hot blade); L Imp; L Imp; L Imp (Imp Ale, cast); Der Bierdieb (3x Imp Ale); G Imp; G Imp (hot wing, Imp Ale, leather mask); L Imp (cast); mix a roll in the hay - 14adv 34myst; G Imp (Imp Ale); Butterknife. The Friar's quest took way too long, although statwise it wasn't bad.

Alright, so I can either boost my food finding power, my booze finding power, or the xp gains my familiar gets. I'm favoring the latter, either for my Hound Dog or Ghost. I also need to get 3 more fullness of food today and 2 drunkeness. I could also do the Pipe thing, but there's a balance of game speed versus real life time spent playing the game that tends to favor forgetting about the Pipes (although a Ball Masque is definitely not out of the question). My Hair Spray modified Moxie is 76, which is too low for the Crypt. With the Harem outfit on it's 71, however, which is probably reasonable for killing the Goblin King with AOT set to 7 for his cape. So let's try that.

Knob King's Chamber - King (Dense, Dense, Cape). I slap my gear back on and replace my Clown Nose with the Cape, bringing my Hairsprayed Moxie to 85. Not bad. Just barely enough for the Nook and the Niche.

Quick quest check - Main quests: Crypt. Guild quests: White Citidel, Ego, Nemesis. Other quests: Doc, Gourd, Azazel, Postal. I *need* to do Crypt, so that's not much to think about. The White Citidel quest has a lot of upside so I might work on that a bit. The ROI for Ego and Nemesis are questionable at this point. I've mostly missed the drops for Doc, so he's probably SOL. The Gourd quest is too damned low at this point. Azazel *is* useful and I usually do the quest, but I've already sunk a huge number of turns at the Woods, and the Blessings are also pretty useful. I snagged Postal because, even though it might add a day or so at the end of the run, I'd like to grab the quest reward to fulfill the collector in me.

I cook a spicy bean burrito and eat it. 9adv, 22musc. Check the Microbrew - Mad Train Wine. Yeah, I'll pass on that. Check my potions, I have one orange cupcake and then 5 lavender, 6 pink, 3 yellow candy hearts. Huh, weird. I haven't been summoning many this run, and I only have three colors out of 14 summoning attempts. That's really unlucky, because I was thinking of using the Orange Cupcake and a White Heart for the Crypt, along with Corsican's Blessing. Hm. Summon - lavender. Summon - lavender. No white, no green, no orange. Some of the better ones, really. Hrm, guess I'll use the Ghost at the Crypt and keep trying.

Nook - spiny skeleton (11mp, bone, skull); white candy heart. Ok, eat cupcake and heart. Stick with Slimer for now I guess. Toothy skeleton (11mp, 6mp, loose teeth); spiny skeleton; spiny skeleton (11mp); spiny skeleton; toothy skeleton (7mp, 9mp); spiny skeleton (7mp, 11mp, bone); giant skeelton (12mp, 12mp).

Cranny - Gluttonous Ghoul (8mp 14mp); gaunt ghoul (11mp); gaunt ghoul (11mp, 13mp); gluttonous ghoul (15mp, ghoul ears, goulash); glutton (13mp); glutton (11mp); glutton (13mp, ears); glutton (16mp, 10mp); gaunt; glutton (16mp); swap to Hound Dog, huge ghoul (ears).

Niche - Senile lihc; swap to hunchback since my effects have worn off, senile; senile (eye); slick lihc.

Mix a slip'n'slide. 13adv, 35musc, falling down drunk.

Closing thoughts

It's around this point that I start thinking about the Daily Dungeon and the Dungeons of Doom. Part of the problem is that I haven't really sat down and figured out when they are suitable to adventure in. I suspect that I'm either at or slightly above where I need to be for the Daily, for the DoD I'm really not sure. I do know that any time I adventure in either place, the actual fights are never especially difficult. I think for the DoD that it might even sort of be designed that way - access is only obtainable when the zone is already obsolete. It's this sort of thing that I want to nail down, because it's almost certainly bound to make my runs faster. Also, not collecting Lucre. But that's not happening for a good year or so. Oh well.

I didn't collect Not-a-Pipes because, frankly, it takes too much real life time and concentration for my style of play. Between collecting Lucre and my slim pool of permed skills, it's not like I could "out speed" someone who actually had the skills and bent their mind to it right now anyways, so striving for blistering speed at this point isn't really on my radar. In the future, however, it'd be nice.

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