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Day 5

57 adventures left

Part of the problem with keeping an ascension log like I have is that I note what the results are of every adventure and what every drop is. For the most part, you don't really need that unless you're spading something. It's also vaguely boring and slow. So I'm going to tone my log down, let's see how it goes.

Lucre - DoD. Well, I was just thinking about opening the DoD yesterday, and it appears that it'd be alright to do so, so let's go for it.

greater than sign - + sign in two turns, 10 turns for teleportitis, 1 turn for the Oracle, use the + sign, open the DoD. I burn off my Teleportitis by running the Daily Dungeon, skipping the first two chests and picking one door, but failing to dispel the hairier barrier once. I also need to beat an Apathetic Lizardman, and so I eat my spaghetti with skullheads and Hell Ramen for the fullness to do damage with chronic indigestion. Final chest drops Boris's key, cool. Back to the DoD. I'm going to need bang potions, so I use my Hound Dog. Also AOT at 10. Three turns in I get the Mimic. About five more fights and a Quantum Mechanic crits me and I get Teleportitis again. Crap. I burn off 8 adventures in the Barrel plus mixing drinks and spend my last Teleportitis spinning the wheel. Apparently this was my semirare adventure because I end up at the Hippy Camp and get a Teeny Tiny Magic Scroll. Back to the DoD. It takes another 20 adventures or so to complete my bounty. I end up with five small and six large boxes. This gives me at least two of every potion, which means I'm all set for at least one NS gate.

Defiled Niche - one fight and I get to Level 8. Leet Trapzor wants to make an Asbestos weapon. Meh. Keep clearing the Crypt. Takes about 9 adventures to encounter the Gargantulihc. I manage to get a Lihc face along the way. Finally, the Alcove. I manage to pickpocket a Dead Guy's Watch from a grave rober. Nice. That leaves the Bonerdagon. His safe Moxie is 98 and the drop I want requires an AOT of 10, so that means I'll need 108 Moxie. My current buffed Moxie is 101, which isn't quiiiite enough. Keep adventuring for now. Guess I'll address the Trapzor quest now.

The Mine - It takes quite a few turns to get the whole miner outfit, and then I approach the ore from the wrong side and hit about three or four cave-ins along the way. I get three Chrome Ore along the way and my requisite Asbestos Ore. Guess I'll use the Hound Dog in the Goatlet (and get the familiar blessing from the friars.)

The Goatlet - I spend the rest of my adventures trying to get 6 cheese for the Trapzor. Despite using a Hound Dog, the Dairy Goats are stingy with drops in general and I'm still two Cheese short when I run out of adventures. I have a few glasses of Goat's Milk, so tomorrow I'll complete the Trapzor's quest and then farm the Goatlet a bit more to make Moxie reagent pasta, make a Milk of Magnesium, and I'll really be getting some adventures at that point.

Finally, I have my wand now, let's see what there is to zap. Two bugbear beanies, no bunguards. Well, now I have the outfit, so I can almost make pizzas easily.. or at least kabobs.

Closing thoughts

Well, this took a lot less time, so I'll probably keep entries in this manner. Also, today seemed like a good day to do the DoD and Daily Dungeon. Tomorrow I'll run the DD once more and then be done, since I have a wand.

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