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Day 6

Today is Halloween! I probably should have seen this coming, but they've introduced a new series of Tiny Plastic items that are available in Spooky Eggs. You can get the Eggs from Trick or Treating, but it also appears that they are cookable. Assuming that the recipie works on other days, I guess I won't worry too much about it, although I might trick or treat enough to get a couple eggs to eat today.

Anyways, 52 adventures to start off.

Lucre at the Hippy Camp. This gives me the chance at a Hippy suit as well as various other drops, and the Hippy suit means Herb Brownies from the Halloween adventures, so let's do it.

Hippy Camp (Hound Dog) - 26 adventures later I have my Lucre, a Hippy Suit, Really Good Feng Shui, a Hemp Rope for the Bonerdagon vertebra, and some other stuff. This also means that I have access to both the Hippy Store and the Bugbear Bakery, so I don't have to worry about food much (aside from actually farming some Goat Cheese).

Equip Hippy Suit and go Trick or Treating. Second adventure - Herb Brownie, third adventure, Spooky Egg. I should be able to get more Eggs, (hopefully at least two more, since I plan on eating two Fettucini today and then three Eggs). After about 10 turns total, I have my three Eggs. Ok, I already made the Fettucini and Milk of Magnesium, time to eat. 31adv, 49mox, 26adv, 48mox (26 adventures? screw you too, RNG). My three Eggs reward me with: TP Ninja Snowman, Whitesnake, and Senile Lihc.

Hm. There's apparently a recipie to make these Eggs, but I'm tempted to farm my drinks and just keep Trick or Treating today. Even though it'll slow my run down by a day and around 160 adventures, I think that's what I'm going to do.

At the end of the day I have 47 herb brownies and 16 Spooky Surprise Eggs. I may or may not eat any more Eggs this run, but at least they'll be available should I feel like it. Similarly, the Herb Brownies will be there should I want to eat any (I haven't even started on the 420 trophy yet.)

Quick and easy day today. Not too much progress, although the Hippy suit helps pretty immensely.

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