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The hardest to learn..

I picked up the Indigo Girls "Retrospective" at the beginning of the weekend. I also got "Discovery" by Daft Punk (inspired by this site) and Curve's Doppleganger (I liked their song in Frequency and Gift is a fairly decent album so I wanted to hear what their older stuff sounded like). So far I'd say the Indigo Girls are the best album of the bunch. Basically I was reminiscing about how I always enjoyed the songs that were played by them on the radio, so I figured an album with most (or all? I dunno) of their radio songs would be good stuff, and it seems that it is. Discovery has a few decent tunes, but falls in to a trap of being a bit repetitive and uninteresting with a large percentage of the album. Curve's album seemed soso, but I think I need to give it a few more listenings before making a final judgment.

I've studied some of the Japanese for tomorrow, but I really need to get down to doing it tonight. I was thinking I might transcribe the vocab to an entry here.. it'd possibly help with retention to write it down. Of course, Mike's suggestion of flash cards is a good one. I've just been too damned lazy so far to go out and acquire any.

This brings up another point. My shift is wonderful for having a four day weekend, but occasionally it can be a drag, as I don't tend to get up before 5PM on an average day. And, if I do, it sorta screws with my work sleep schedule. (The sleep when I'm not working.. *cough*) I don't know how cut out I'd be as a vampire, as I actually do kinda like to see the sun every so often. Of course, it's been terribly cold for the last couple months, and that doesn't really help much either.

Anyways, enough ranting from me for now.

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