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Random Rant (Brief)

After just waiting for a couple MySpace pages to load and being assaulted by the music and images, I just want to say.. wtf. Music on pages is a bad idea in the first place. The web is generally a visual medium, even including YouTube. Random emo crap not only slows the loading of the site down, but also adds to the frustration of looking at the pile of crap web page by having to listen to bad music. I mean, I understand that you might love a movie (or a picture of yourself), but in good god's name! Not all images are made to have a wall of text on top of them! Also, I've never really understood the whole commentary thing below the page, since it seems like the actual MySpace page owner is never talking back to the people. It's just random people thanking you for the add or.. admiring your (feature), or something. Anyways.

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