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The life of leisure

I have over 200 accumulated hours of vacation at work, so they're "forcing" me to take two weeks of vacation before the end of March. I'll be taking the upcoming week off, and then the third week in March. The fact of the matter is that I'm not opposed to vacations, but rather that there are various reasons against taking them. Basically we are mostly single-coverage, so there's bound to be one or two guys that get screwed every time I take a vacation (first shift has two people on it, so that's about the only real flex room, aside from having a weekend guy work during the week.) Also, I basically just surf the web most of the time, so it's not like I need to take a break from that. But anyways, I have this week off.

Some things to address:

Get my entire clothes pile cleaned. I usually end up cleaning half, but not the other half. I have plenty of time to get both done.

Clean my dishes, or get new ones. My old ones have been neglected for a while and have a crust of something on them. I don't know if cleaning them would accomplish anything at this point, or if I should just get new ones.

Fix or get a new bed. I sat on my bed a month or so ago and the wooden structure cracked. I was able to wedge an unused stereo speaker underneath to hold it up, but more recently the metal supports that are screwed in to the wood are starting to tear out. It strikes me that I need to lose weight, yes, but also that I should probably look into a non-particle board type bed structure.

Check out the local gym. I have a week, I should try to adopt some sort of workout routine in the gap.

Either find a new apartment or submit the paperwork to keep this one. I have until the 15th (Friday) to make my choice. It's not a lot of time, so I expect I'll probably reapply to live here for another year.

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