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The life of leisure, part 2

So I took my second vacation last week. I had a list of five things to do and I accomplished those things: get an oil change, get my car looked at (check engine light on), pay the next month's rent, deal with my parking sticker, and do my taxes.

I was in need of an oil change for a while so I went to the local Toyota dealership. At the same time, I had them look at my engine light. Apparently the catalytic converter was burnt out, but was still under warranty, so it got fixed.

I've been at my apartment for a year, so it was coming time to get a new parking sticker. I had used the state web site to apply for a new one but hadn't gotten much in the way of feedback outside of the initial "we have received your request and will eventually process it" email. Helpfully, the sticker arrived on Tuesday or so, which meant I didn't have to drag my ass down to the city hall to get it taken care of before April.

Paying the rent was fairly easy and self explanatory, although I guess it should be noted that I often have to will myself to do it, because collecting all the pieces and writing everything down is apparently normally too much of a hassle for my current state of mind to want to bother with. Run on, sentence, run on.

I did my taxes and I should be getting around 800$ from the Fed and something like 130$ from the state. Not bad. Then there's that 600$ from "Governor" Bush's tax break thing, so.. well.. I'll have made a bit more than I usually do.

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