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The Perfect Game

Sports have a varying amount of complexity on what is being "tested". In soccer, it's stamina and some sort of accuracy kicking a ball, I guess. In basketball it's stamina and shooting, although there are some teamwork aspects as well. Football is fairly simple to state, although strategies and tactics can be complex: the offense is trying to get the ball to the end zone, and the defense is trying to stop that from happening.

But what is baseball testing? It's sort of weird, when you think about it. A game is won by scoring runs. Runs are achieved by some combination of hitting and base running. But when you talk about a "perfect game", it's a game where at least one team had no hitting at all. So, to win the game you have to do something which makes the game less perfect?

Does that mean that baseball is a test of pitching? Surely most people come to the park to see some balls being hit, though. So is baseball a test of hitting? You can "hit for the cycle" or you can bat 1000 in a game, but neither of those are called a "perfect game".

And besides, if the test is hitting or pitching, then what's all the running around bases about anyways? And why does baseball pit one member of the offense against nine members of the defense, when most other sports would consider a strong defense to be a "three on one"? Isn't that kind of unfair? "Hey, I bet you can't beat my pitcher." "Ok, I'll try." *swing, hit* "Oh hey, did I mention that I have eight friends to negate your skillful bat swinging?"

"Meh." That's what I say.

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