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"Subway Scrabble" is back

There's this commercial for Subway promoting their gambling game which takes the form of Scrabble. In it, a person peels a sticker off of their cup of soda, sees that they have won .50 cents off the next order that includes at least four footlongs, and becomes so extatic that they douse everyone around them with the contents of their soda cup. The people that just got an unwanted soda bath stare on semi-dreamily, as if wishing they would be so lucky as to save change they might not stop to pick up if it fell out of their pockets. People walk out of the shops dripping, but with big grins on their faces.

In vaguely related news, I was watching a lot of NiN on Youtube this morning. One of the songs was "Starfuckers Inc." which includes the line "It's really not so bad once you get past the taste."

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