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Dreaming - nightmare or boobs

I was just having an odd dream. It was sort of like a nightmare, except maybe it was more like a stereotypical horror movie. Mason and one of my co-workers named Jeff had bought a farm that used to be owned by some friends of the family (in reality they still live there). Except in my dream it was sort of like a hybrid between this farm and Mason's old house in Middleboro.

I came down to visit and brought my laptop. We played some games and such as well as wandering around the house in general. There was a large cellar in the house which basically was the same size as the house, but since the house was divided into a bunch of smaller rooms the cellar looked rather enormous. I remember this one scene where Jeff was down in the cellar and I was in Jeff's room, which had a cellar entrance, and I was feeling creeped out but then Jeff came in and it was ok.

There were a couple of instances while wandering around the house where I'd look down and see a phantasmal foot on the ground but then after staring at it in amazement it'd fade away. In the first case there was just this gnarly lump of rusty metal where I thought I had seen a "foot", and the second time it was this two or three foot long piece of shiny steel. I put my own foot on the steel and remarked to whoever was there (might have been both Mason and Jeff) that if it had been a foot it would have been huge.

Then the dream shifted a bit. I went back into the room where my laptop was to play some game, but there were girls in the room. Even though they had sold the house, the old owner's daughter somehow had friends over, about six of them, and they were all generally wearing something like panties and maybe some sort of silky top that didn't really hide too much. They all seemed to take notice of my moving through the room, but while I think I acknowledged them in a prefunctory manner I largely attempted to not look at them as I went to the couch and looked at a web site.

For some reason there was a tub behind the couch where one of them was taking a bath, but she had suds covering herself and I was attempting to concentrate on not paying attention. Somehow the girl in the tub was using a cell phone to try to manipulate what I was looking at on the web to show herself off to me but I kept trying to ignore it. The other girls all gathered around and one who wasn't really wearing anything up top brushed against me and made some comment along the lines of "go ahead and give me a squeeze". I looked at her and halfway reached my hand out, but then smiled and said "no thanks." After that all the girls seemed disappointed and drained out of the room quickly.

I had been laying fairly prone and hiked myself up to an upright sitting position, looked down at my fat gut, and thought to myself "eh, they wouldn't have really wanted me anyways."

There was a little more to the dream - the girls were far more clothed but one of them ran away because they were being mean to her. Everyone was outside canvasing the area and I recall that it seemed she had climbed a tree to get away from people, but then I woke up shortly afterward.


Pretty much immediately after waking up I thought about the dream that had just happened. The boob section of the dream somehow seems like my head trying to tell me something about myself. Well, the fact that the dream prior to that part had been more like a ghost story means it might not be that I was being entirely critical of my lack of sexuality, since being sexual in horror stories is usually a recipe for disaster. But despite that small comfort, it still seems like the story of my love life. There are probably girls out there who may have been interested in me, but I've always been somewhat overweight, so I've always tried to ignore girls as much as possible, since "eh, they probably don't really want me because I'm fat."

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