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Football in review

I noticed that at the start of the Football season I said I'd be following various teams to see how they turned out. In truth, I've probably been following football a lot less this year than I have in past years. It'd be pretty easy to say that I'm simply a bandwagon Tom Brady fan, but I don't think that's accurate. I'd actually say that the whole league hasn't been very interesting this year.

Football currently works under the concept of parity. No one team should ever be so dominant that they are perrenial champions, and no team should ever be eternally crappy. In reality there are teams that are better than others, but just because, say, Peyton Manning is the QB of the Colts, that hasn't gotten them more than one Superbowl title, even though the combination of him, Addai, and Harrison lends itself to a superior offensive squad. But here's the thing: Manning was injured and the Colts kind of foundered. Tom Brady was injured and the Patriots went from 18-1 last season to fighting for a playoff spot this season. The Saints took their interesting offensive players and had another fairly average season. The Browns stopped drinking the kool-aid and fell back to earth. The Titans went nearly undefeated and didn't even have Vince Young as the starting quarterback. The Chargers had some bad calls, but nevertheless still kind of stunk. The Seahawks were a non-factor. The Raiders had a lot of drama and still had an awful season. The Cowboys looked good at first and then crapped their pants. The Eagles are going through some sort of wracking pains as they try to either rejuvenate McNabb or shed him off.

Probably the most interesting part about this season has been the Lions' quest for perfection, since the Titans couldn't even hold up their end of the story. I'm rooting for the Lions to have a 0-16 season, just because it would at least be interesting. Something remarkable. I also sort of feel happy for Matt Ryan. It's a bit of uninformed homerism, but he was a BC alumni and I live in Boston. The fact that he's been able to right the ship of the Falcons is also interesting, because prior to and during the loss of Vick they had been a slowly and then rapidly sinking ship. So that's cool. The rest of this season has been pretty bland.

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