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It's the most wonderful time of the year

And it's beginning to look at lot like Christmas.

Whee, a heavy snowfall is expected this weekend. I actually really like the appearance of snow as it coats trees and other random objects. Mailboxes end up with these C shaped forms of snow on them. Cars have certain parts of their design hidden and revealed by where the snow goes.

It does pretty much suck to drive in, though.

I still need to do Christmas shopping. I really don't have any good ideas for what to get, so it may end up being gift cards somewhere. I think giving gift cards to my direct family is kind of lame, since I should know them better, but on the other hand I can feel fairly confident that they will end up buying books or other media if I get cards for those sorts of places, so maybe it's not such a bad gift after all. The trick is going to be when to go shopping. Christmas is next Thursday so I should get something this weekend, but since it may be snowing tomorrow and Sunday it might suck too much to drive. Then again, I could always try using the T to get to some sort of shopping center in Boston.

I'll be covering on Christmas day, which is also lame. I feel like if there's one day in the year that no one should have to work, it's Christmas, but on the other hand there are certain services that are essential - gas stations, mainly. I'll probably head down to Freetown Thursday evening and stay till at least Friday.

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