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So I guess I need to get a schedule tracker or something, because it turns out that I have no idea when certain things are scheduled. This weekend was Joe's surprise 30th birthday. Jim also wanted to stop by. I saw these two things as being non-exclusive, since usually I go over to Joe's to play Rock Band or something, and of course Jim is a big rhythm game fan. But then for Christmas my Mom had gotten tickets to see this Queen tribute band. And that sounded like a good time too. But one was in New Bedford and one was in Boston and they were both at the same time. So, it kinda sucked to have to bail on Joe and Jim, but the concert was pretty good. And I'm sure there will be some other opportunity to introduce my friends to each other.

Anyways, last night I had this dream. I was on the docks in Japan, getting off some sort of ship at a port where a lot of people were entering Japan.. perhaps illegally. I met up with this guy who was street savvy and he brought me to a hotel where the receptionist was going to make a false ID for me. She could speak English, and for some reason she had to generate an ID for me that stated that I was in a symphony.

So then dream jump cut and I'm in this symphony practice standing behind a timpani drum. I'm beating out this pattern lightly while everyone else is sort of milling around and getting prepared. Eventually the practice starts, but since I'm just some gaijin that just got off the boat I have no idea when I should actually be playing the drum, so I'm just standing there listening to the practice. Then I woke up.

I've always enjoyed the violin, and I keep thinking that maybe I should get one and take some lessons and see if I'll like playing it. Lately I've really been feeling like my job sucks, but I really don't know if I want to look for another position in the computer field. I mean, where I am right now doesn't involve dealing with customers, so that's an upside, but I think if I were to get into a better job I'd either have to learn more skills or else deal with customers. And probably both. And if the arcade taught me anything, it's that I really dislike dealing with customers.

Perhaps this is my so-called midlife crisis, although I'd like to think I'll be around for more than 60 years. But I've always felt that a creative job would be most fulfilling, and I also enjoy music greatly. Well, I used to enjoy music. Most of the crap on the radio today sucks. Anyways, I don't really suggest that I'm going to quit my job and form a rock band, but I still need to do something with my life while I still have some life to do something with.

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