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Another day, another blog entry

Yeah, well, another week, another entry or two, usually. But anyways, I'm at work. On Wednesday night. Oh well, this third shift weekday coverage is pretty much like night shift weekend coverage.

Only thing that sucks is my car is overdue for an oil change, and this isn't helping any. I really should get it done next week.

Sunday is Mother's Day, I guess. I ought to get some sort of card and a certificate somewhere. I'm thinking Borders, but the logistics of that are a bit tricky. I could arrive at work really early tomorrow and swing by. Or I could go up Friday. Hm. I guess we'll just have to see.

In other news.. I picked up this "Intant Conversation" Japanese training CD thing. I already know quite a bit of the first couple lessons, but it clarified a couple things and revealed a new word to me. Uh.. not that I can remember it right now. Oh yeah, sukoshi. And you can use "sumimasen" for "excuse me", and "wakarimasu" for "understand" as in "I do/do not understand a given language". Or, I think it was wakarimasu. That's the word in the BGC2040 lyric anyways, and the word on the CD is something close to that, if it's not the right word. Also, "ii otenki desu ne?" means "nice weather, eh?". I haven't really been studying the vocab lately, hopefully I can sort of re-stimulate myself with these CDs. Part of the problem with vocab is the lack of use. So what if I know that "e" means "picture"? It's not useful if I can't apply it. I'm not really bitching at anyone in particular here, but I think it's part of the reason why I have my lack of motivation.. Of course, opinions are welcome.

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