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The other side of summer

My last post said that I was feeling down lately. That was a while ago now. I'd say it's not really true right now.

What I do feel, pretty often, is very tired. On the other hand, there was this energy drain in my brain back then which feels like it's gone, at least for now. Overall life's not too bad. I still need to lose weight, work harder and/or get a new job that pays more, find a better living place, and find a girlfriend. But I'm feeling a bit more peaceful now.

I think my previous mental state could be described by Trent Reznor in "Down In It". "All the world's weight is on my back, and I don't even know why." To be honest, I probably do know what the weight on my shoulders was, but it wasn't one thing. Basically, I've had all the missing things in my life, all the stuff I've put off, should have done, etc, piling up, and it was starting to drag me down.

Part of my peace is probably just letting some things go. Other parts probably involve things which may seem shallow, like having a good time in WoW lately, but are ultimately pretty important in the overall scheme of "feeling successful".

I'm not sure there's too much more to say, but seeing that "I feel depressed" post as my top post just seems wrong, since it's only true as of however long ago it was.

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