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The 2 minute drill

I've always been a procrastinator. Some might say it's genetic, although some might also say it's taught, I suppose, but at any rate, getting around to it is something that I take my time with. Ironically, this makes it feel almost like I'm hurrying all the time, and all that hurrying makes me mentally tired and so then I let something else slack. And then it comes time for something to be done, and lo.. time to hurry again.

I was thinking recently about an ideal morning. I wake up, fire up the oven and cook some bacon and pancakes. I have myself a warm, filling breakfast, topping it off with milk and/or orange juice. I still have a couple hours before work, so I can take some leisurely time getting ready, but I'm out the door 15 minutes before I need to be and I get to work early and ready to rumble. I take on what I do at work efficiently and then once I've got some free time I read a book or somehow elsewise strengthen my brain muscle. I get home, get changed, head to the local gym, work out to keep my health up, get back home and enjoy the evening before getting to sleep, ready to start again.

In reality, I wake up about half an hour before I have to be ready for work. By the time 1pm rolls around I've hopefully at least gotten up and eaten some cold cereal (although I try to keep my cereal selection varied, at any rate). I hop in the shower, then make my way to my car that's probably parked about half a mile away. I get to work sometime around 1:30pm if I'm lucky, or 2pm if I was really slow waking up. I see what's going on at work (nothing much), sit down and surf the web for a while. Lately I've been dozing off at 5pm or so, maybe all the way to 7pm. I wake up again, if there was something to do I usually wait until 8pm or so and maybe later. Eventually I take care of whatever needed to be done, leave work at 9:30 or 10pm (shift ends at 9), get home and do whatever I'm doing to spend time (WoW lately, watch tv, surf the web, etc otherwise). I'm not really tired until 3am or so, I probably don't even get to sleep until 4am, and then I wake up at noon again..

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