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So I've complained about my apartment and such for a while, and while I'm still here for another year, I've finally started getting around to improving it a bit. I've had an old sewing machine stand that my TV rested on for ages, but it's only got so much space on it - basically only enough for the TV. This means my consoles and other stuff have been just sitting around on the floor for the last three years at my apartment. I went to IKEA on Sunday and picked up a TV stand that has some shelves and drawers so that I can now have that part of the room actually look vaguely clean. I put it together yesterday and just put the TV on this morning. I still need to actually set up the consoles and such, but the room already looks a bit better.

I also picked up a dresser at IKEA. I still need to put the dresser together, but my other major source of mess in my room is my clothes. I have a closet, but I've never really liked using it for clothes. It's got these shelves that are a bit above my head, or at least are at around eye level. Then it's got these kinda crappy poles that are pretty tight to the walls. I'd had the idea for a while that a dresser might work to keep my clothes tidy, and that was the larger reason why I stopped by IKEA in the first place.

There's still other stuff to do to make my apartment more presentable, but I'm feeling pretty good about these being a couple big issues that will be resolved once I've gotten them set up.

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