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Lazy days

So Friday ended up being a sleep day. Today I picked up a Mother's Day card from the CVS near the office. I guess I'll just slip a few bills in, since I won't be able to get a certificate for anywhere. Money's just as good, really.

Bill called at 2:20am last night. He said he had just gotten back from a LAN party at Scholars. I asked who was there, I think he might have said Rich was but I think he said "a bunch of people" or something. Anyways, I didn't read anything in to that other than that it was a Bill Answer. But I'm rather curious what went through his mind to think calling that late was OK. I dunno, if he does it again maybe I'll just hang up on him or something. Fortunately he didn't wake my parents up, or he would have heard about it. So of course I was doing some zone on the MUD and was pretty much just paying attention to that and ignoring him while he went on for 40 minutes about .. uh.. robotic arms and circuits and whatever else that he's always talking about and has probably already told me about four times at least. Anyways, whatever really.

I sorta feel like I should write some deep meaningful thing (well, I always sorta think that in my posts, except for when I have a good subject already). But really that's about all there is to say, I guess. And I've said it.

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