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Cars and speed bumps

So Jim, Amanda, and I played a round of Minna no Golf 4 last night. We sorta were rushing through things, because Amanda wanted to get home, so I never really got a good review from Jim as to what he thought. I did show him one of the more awesome courses I've seen though. To unlock characters in this game, you have to play against them in a VS mode and beat them. Most of the characters are just normal, but some have little special conditions. One character is from China, and you have to play against her on this Chinese course. I don't even have the course unlocked yet, but in this VS mode you have to play on it. The second hole of the course (actually the 11th hole.. 2nd hole of the back 9) is really interesting. Basically there are these long islands in front of you, but they're turned 90 degrees, so you have to hit on the thin part of the island. You hit down to an island, and then up to a cliff where the green and hole are located. I dunno what it is, but when I first saw that hole my jaw mentally dropped and I thought "this is a fuckin' cool course".

Anyways, after playing PS2 Golf, we went to a little mini-golf course near the Galleria, and also right next to the factory that Bill works at. They have this speed bump that's not painted or anything, and with the light and the way the tar was it masked it's existance, so I went over it a bit fast. When the tires landed (no, it wasn't like a streets of San Fransisco jump, but there was still maybe an inch of air or whatever), there was this bad crunch. Then, when I'd steer, there was a clunk/bong type noise coming from the front left tire area. Well we played golf and got home safely, and today I brought it in to the local Sears. They took a look, and I guess the spring in my suspension system broke or something. They recommend that various other parts be replaced with it, as a broken spring can cause damage to the system, I guess. Whatever, really. The car has 100,000 miles on it, if they wanna replace a few parts, that's probably not such a bad thing overall.

One last thing. I picked up La Pucelle the other day. It's pretty good. I dunno if it grabs me quite as much as Disgaea did, but it still is fairly decent.

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