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Moving violations

Just made a quick run to a local mini-mart for some frozen dinner action. It's a White Hen Pantry. They must be just owned by whoever runs them, even though they're a chain, because I always see this one older couple behind the register. Occasionally there will be other people chatting with them, I assume they're friends of the folks. Anyways, I got most of what I was looking for, but I needed plastic forks (the office has three little boxes of knifes and spoons, but no forks..) Well, they only had a combo-pack of all three items. Screw eating dinner with a knife and spoon, I bought the pack with the meager assortment of forks. Then when I got my change, the dude forgot to give me like 46 cents, but he did give me the 10$ bill anyways. He looks Greek to me. I don't mind him, and, unlike others, I'm not offended that he forgot a trifling detail. I'll go back again. I only boycott boycotting. =+P

So then I go to get gas. Damn, the fucking gas prices are insane. I mean, yeah, kids are starving in Africa (and probably most major continents, but that's a different rant), we're dicking around in Iraq, tree-hugging hippies won't let the US drill in the Alaskan preserve.. they're only trees after all. But why the fuck does that mean that gas that I payed 1.80$ for a few weeks ago now costs 2.10$???? Oh, I forgot, it's getting in to summer, too. That's uh.. important, or something. Summer obviously makes the price hike reasonable. How could I have forgotten. =+P

So then I go to leave the station after filling up, and like RIGHT THEN *five* cars have to go past the place, at 11pm at night. And, not only that, one of them has to turn in to the bank next to the gas station, so they all stop, forming a wall and stopping me from getting on the road. THEN, after 30 painful seconds of waiting for dipshits to turn and get their act together, I get out on the road and some fucker in an SUV starts turning in to the bank while on the other side of the road. So I have to just about stop for this idiot because otherwise I'll have a mostly head-on collision. Plus a fucker in an SUV is trying to ram the other side of my car while attempting to leave the same bank. Now, really, this was all much less dramatic than it sounds (there were no near collisions or anything, as everyone was at least smart enough to realize that I was slowing down but not really stopping for them. I mean, why did I try to even get by them in the first place, they have SUVs, they're obviously more important than I am anyways.) Anyways, I guess I fall in to that category of "most everyone" as far as driving goes. I'm about as peaceful as can be outside of an auto, but behind the wheel I see everyone else as jerks and dipshits that don't know how to drive. And, really.. most of them DON'T know how to drive. But that's just details.

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