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Another week, another dollar

Or, another one along the same lines:

Another week shot in the behind, nothing done.

That line applies to about 95% of my time at work. Well, I've been mudding a lot lately, so in some respects there's been progress, but largely real work doesn't exist.

This week was especially low-productivity. I work about 36 hours each weekend. I probably slept about 10 hours this weekend. Maybe even more. Call it 12 hours for the hell of it. In that case, 33% of my work week was sleeping. About 60% was mudding. Which would leave 7% for actual work. All in all, it's really not a bad life. Some people work grueling hours doing menial labor for a quarter of my salary. On the other hand, they probably go out on the evenings and weekends and do stuff with people. But, that's not much of an arguement either way for me.. I've always been a bit of a hermit.

Anyways, let's see. I listened to Club 977 for most of the weekend. They had a few places where they played a bunch of good songs in a row. I currently have it turned off, as I had mistakenly been thinking my end of shift was going to arrive at 6am, for some reason..

The intro song to La Pucelle is pretty good. It's called Maiden of Light, and it's available from the official web site, though sort of hidden (imo). I think it's, and then you click on "talent" and at the bottom it's one of a few zipped mp3s. Why it's not under "downloads" is beyond me. Oh, when you go to the site, the music that starts playing is Maiden of Light. So you don't even need to download it, just bring up the site and let it sit there. It sort of reminds me of the new age, Enya type style that was popular for a time. It's not quite two minutes long, I was sort of hoping that there was more of a "full length" version somewhere, but it's not available from the official site anyways. I haven't looked around much to see if it exists, and if so, if it's available somewhere.

Meh, so I'm still vaguely groggy. Often times when I get home on a Monday, I stay up for a few hours doing something or other, but I'm not sure if that'll happen today. I'd sort of like to play some more Minna no Golf 4, unlock some more courses and characters. I'd also like to play some more La Pucelle. Then there's Fatal Frame 2, that I started a couple months ago.. and Silent Hill 3.. and Onimusha 2.. and Dynasty Warriors 4.. and Valkyrie Profile.. and Front Mission 3.. yeah. I need to sequester myself for like a month and just finish playing a bunch of games, I guess. The last game I can recall properly finishing was probably Disgaea. Granted, there are certain items I didn't get, but I did beat the hardest enemy in the game. I didn't really see the point of getting to level 9999 and having the most powerful weapons and armor.. at that point it was just sort of running on a mill more than progressing.

I hadn't heard from Sears over the weekend, hopefully they'll give a call today. If not, I might call them. Depends on when I wake up, really. I've been using mom's car over the weekend, but I'd like to be back in my Focus for the next work week.

I picked up a few anime discs last week, but didn't watch any of them. Let's see.. the next Samurai Deeper Kyo, the next Initial D, and the next Tenchi Muyo! GXP. I did watch two of the three last episodes of Someday's Dreamers last weekend, but haven't gotten around to watching the very last episode. It looks like they'll be finally revealing whatever it was that caused the teacher mage to be injured (spiritually, not physically). The main character is having doubts about becoming a full-fledged mage. I suspect everyone will help each other out and there will be catharsis for all. Maybe not, but it'd be awfully surprising. Without having seen the last episode, I'd say that the overall series was ok, something you could recommend without fear of making people thing anime is weird crap, but without much depth of character development or plot. It does have a natural penalty of being a 12-episode series, which almost universally makes for poorer quality than a standard 24/26 ep series. On the other hand, it also makes in quicker to take in, than, say, Fushigi Yuugi or Ruroni Kenshi or Inu Yasha or.. etc etc. Anyways, I guess the punch line is, out of five stars, I'd probably give it 2.5 or 3. Fairly middle of the road.

One last item of note, I guess. Last week my uncle Andrew had me check out his network at his office, as he was unable to send emails. For some reason there was an error when trying to connect to the Verizon mail server. I talked to a tech on the phone, and he indicated that it had something to do with the Sasser worm and MTU settings and stuff. I was able to send email as long as it was directly connected to the PC itself, but if it was going through a router it would fail. They have some old router there, when I tried to update the firmware, the update utility would just crash. And I couldn't tftp the file over either. The docs on the manufacturers web site were for a newer model, they didn't really have much in the way of support for the model Andy had. So basically Andy wanted me to pick up a new router for him, and he'd pay me for my time etc. Now, to rant a little bit, this is the second time he's had me check out his network at his office for problems. The first time, his network card was fucked up and the OS wouldn't talk to it. I'm still not 100% certain that it wasn't a Windoze problem, rather than a hardware problem, but getting a new NIC and installing it fixed that issue. I don't mind doing some support for family members, but I hate to be the one they call on for stuff when it's business related. While I'm fairly decent at troubleshooting PC errors, I can't guarantee I'll always be able to figure it out. I already have a job, I really don't want to have another one during the week. Anyways, my shift is over, so I guess it's time to wrap this up.

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