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New characters, new courses

So I've played a bit of Minna no Golf 4 today. I've been kinda soso.. some good, some bad. However, I have managed to unlock a couple new players, and a new course! It's course 9, the one in China with the fucked up layouts. I can't wait to try it in multi-player, but I'm a bit hesitant to try it at the moment, what with my somewhat sketchy accuracy.

I have my car back. After taxes it came to about 500$. But boy, the steering feels tighter and the suspension actually suspends the car. It seems like I'd been riding on rubber supports, compared to how it feels now. There's still a vibration, but there was a note saying the links(?) were worn and may cause rattling. I'm tempted to get that fixed and see how the thing drives.. I've been sort of thinking about getting a new(ish) car lately, because my Focus has been driving sort of crappy, but if it only takes a few hundred dollars in repairs to make it feel like new again, then it'd probably be worth it.

That's it for now, just a quick update.

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