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Tonight was sort of annoying. My stomach has been sort of greasily bubbling most of the night. Plus, this fuckhead on the MUD really pissed me off. Now, I know I'm a MUDdict, and I can get hooked in pretty hard, but then I go in cycles really. I'll play a lot, then I'll stop playing for a while. Lately I've not been having as much fun as I'd been having, so I imagine I'm starting to move in to the "non-MUD-playing" phase. Really, this might be ok, as I have plenty of anime to watch, and if I'm not mudding as hard, I hope I'll actually watch some.

However, there is also the possibility that either, A, I've become somewhat burned out on anime, or B, there hasn't been much of reasonable quality that I've been watching lately. On the one hand, I'd sort of think it's more of B than A, but there have been series which I sorta wanted to like but somehow couldn't fully bring myself to do so.

I watched the first You're Under Arrest! box, and the series seems fairly decent, yet somehow it's still not exactly top quality. Maybe that's simply because it's not, but I think there's also some charm in the series that's bouncing off of me as well.

I guess part of the problem is that I've most enjoyed anime when I've had people to share it with. Now, I can share with Maggie, and that's fine, but there was a real joy in finding a series that someone else was enthused about which I liked as well. She tends to be around at different hours than I am, and she likes to show series to her friends, which is fine, but I sort of feel like I'd be intruding to watch in that case. Then there was Mason. Lately he tended to be critical of the more recent series' which I liked. And that critical point of view was rubbing off on me. Or, at least, I was imagining what he'd complain about. That's not what watching anime is about for me. I don't want to find flaws. I don't want to pause on random frames to catch something scrawled in tiny letters somewhere. I want to take the series in as a whole, assess it and it's characters for their merits, and generally try to like the show. I mean, why bother watching a show you don't even like? And I'm not saying he disliked certain shows that he'd find faults with, but it's just not my style.

I've had Samurai Deeper Kyo disc 5 for a while now and I haven't watched it. It's taken me a while to watch Tenchi GXP disc 2, Initial D disc 5, and the YUA! discs. I keep bringing my laptop to work with anime to watch, but I don't end up watching it.

I dunno, anyways, shift change is almost here.... guess I'll wrap it up here.

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