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Sunny days, sweaty nights

Addressing the latter first, it's a little warm in the office, and I just drank some Coke, which will cause me to sweat on occasions such as this. Also, before I left for work, I played a little DDR. Mostly some light songs, but I did attempt Sana Morette Ne Ente on Heavy. I didn't pass. Damn, I definitely need to get back in to shape. However, even just doing that bit of excersize makes me feel a bit healthier. So it's good.

The sun is out today. There have been grey days for a while now. I think I'm one of those people that gets affected by how the day is. If it's grey for too long, it stresses me out a bit. If it's sunny, and I'm not pissed about something, usually the day is pretty good. Of course, with my hours and my habits, I almost never see the sun either way.

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